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How lottery works
Every Sunday at 9pm UTC we will have 2 separate drawings, each with multiple winners. One draw will be for Node winners. The other draw will be for NFT winners.
  • Each Hamsterz will give you at least 1 ticket in each draw. Check Rarity & Traits for details.
-> Node winners will receive enough tokens to create one node (depending on node design).
-> NFT winners will receive 1 NFT from the chosen collection. (see details for the Sweep Floor OP here).
Let's take a look at an example of the weekly lottery reward: Assuming that the treasury produces 1000 tokens this week from node"X" : - 40% -> 400 tokens will be available for the lottery "Node winners". - 40% -> 400 tokens will be used for compounding. - 10% -> 100 tokens will be sold to buy NFT's for the "Nft winners". - 5% -> 50 tokens go to the team fund. - 5% -> 50 tokens go to the marketing fund. If node"X" needs 10 tokens to create one node then : 450/10 = 45 NODES will be bought. For each node purchased there will be 1 winner. which means there will be 45 winners this Sunday for the node lottery! Every week the amount of nodes will increase as we compound the revenue!
This is only an example! But this is the formula!