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Investments milestones

Minting milestones
For every 250 Hamsterz that are minted, 70% of the treasury will be used to buy nodes.
The first 3 rounds of node purchases will be decided by the Devs. Once we reach 1000 Hamsterz minted, the community will vote on Discord to decide which nodes we will buy next. This will continue for each 250 Hamsterz minted, until we mint all 4444 Hamsterz.
After the first 250 Hamsterz are minted, the lottery will begin. It will take place each Sunday at 9pm UTC.
The winners will win a node. The node will be based on which nodes are currently in the treasury pool.
Once all of Gen1 of the 4444 Hamsterz are minted, we will share some secrets about what we have in store for the future of our Hamsterz with you!