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It is 2022, a year that promises to be full of change.
The world as it used to be is no more, and will never be again as we have known it.
The people of Earth have lost their faith. They trust only in money and live only for money.
They have forgotten the simple beauties of life, which no longer means anything to them.
These people who are hypnotized by money, power, and the need for vengeance have forgotten what is really good.
They are leading themselves towards a life without taste and without colors, a life based on things that don't matter.
The richest people are the most corrupt.
They exist because of selfishness and disrespect for the planet they live on.
Today, none of them are able to show any hint of kindness or compassion for anything.
Sadly, all of the species that have populated the Earth for millions of years are impacted by their evilness.
Only a species that is rapidly becoming rare has been able to face the tyranny of human beings, a single species that is smarter than the others, and braver, a species that is not afraid of anything, but above all, a species more discreet than the others, namely hamsterz.
Faced with all the horrors of this world, the hamsters, those small, sensitive creatures, found themselves alone against the humans, with a mission of the highest importance, to fight against evil.
The hamsterz must unite and fight against the evil that reigns over the Earth with all their might, no matter the cost.
It was a matter of life and death. The future of humanity was at stake. They did not have any room for mistakes.
The first step was to gather all of the hamsters in the world together to fight evil and save the planet.
The Band of Hamsterz is a group made up of four individuals who have decided to carry out the grand project of uniting their fellow hamsters.
For this purpose, they had no choice but to found a club, a club for all the hamsters of the world. A meeting between the hamsters spawned an organization known as the Hamster Beach Club, also known as the Hamsterz B. C.
The club was a place where the hamsters could finally meet together and establish a plan to save planet Earth, a concrete plan with the goal of conquering evil with good.
The Hamsterz B. C. became a place where the hamsters could begin actions designed to help plant trees, clean the oceans, earn passive income, and have some fun.